Finance Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Contact Details Prenzlauer Allee 8 D – 10405 Berlin T: + 49 30 86422011 F: + 49 30 86422012 M: What challenges have you had to overcome in the course of your career? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is actively advocating to support women in leadership roles. As in many other countries, including western countries, I struggled with discrimination, especially earlier in my career. However, this challenge taught me how to overcome obstacles while taking advantage of the opportunities ahead of me. It was not easy to survive the market demand with such a low capacity for accepting trainee attorneys, especially females. This challenge made me more dedicated to investing in myself, and I fought to earn my position by enrolling in elite legal studies at a delicate time of my life. Nevertheless, this aided in enriching my knowledge and strengthening my skills that enabled me to compete with my fellow colleagues and succeed. A common example of a major challenge that I, like many others, have faced was lack of management support for the professional growth of the team. I had to learn how to overcome this by creating a suitable path for supporting my professional demands that both works for myself and is acceptable to the organisation. A key element to breaking barriers is getting more interactive with the client, especially as an in-house counsel, because this will help gain the stakeholder’s trust to work together on projects. Is there a specific professional achievement that you are most proud of having accomplished? This also could be framed as a challenge, but it was a considerable achievement in my career to begin developing my intellect and embracing every challenge thrown at me. Not to mention the dedication, patience, and planning I had to create to complete my postgraduate studies with a final grade that made all the sweat and tears a worthwhile experience. These characteristics have helped me to uniquely excel in each position I have held and encouraged me to mentor and train my team to become stronger and more confident counsellors. I am grateful for the experiences I have had that taught me how to overcome every challenge on the way. What motivates you to achieve success in your work? The passion I have for my clients is what motivates me to working harder every day. Learning new concepts and gaining more skills will always remain a bittersweet experience, as it is not always easy having to work with different mindsets. However, with stronger experiences come trusted clients embodying complex deals. The drive to overcome a new challenge at every level of my career is truly what helped to nurture my skills and personality. Now I have nothing but gratitude for the hard-minded individuals I had to learn how to work around to gain the best experience from this fruitful journey. Can you tell us anything about your plans for the second half of the year? As mentioned earlier, I am working on a very exciting personal project that will elevate legal practice in general and particularly in the GCC. We will work closely with young talents to promote the best error-free, efficient, and cost-effective legal services. We will use tailored technical solutions to achieve my vision and goal for the satisfaction of our clients. In addition, we will work with several authorities to help companies grow and offer a new spectrum of services serving the vision of digitalisation and technology we are heading towards. Further, I have accepted to join a challenging new opportunity working with Ma’aden, a Saudi public company leading the mining sector in the world, with expectations and career goals to get exposed to a significant number of deals. I trust this experience will add value to my professional career and help sculpt my skills more as a transactional counsel. I am enthusiastic about the future and the upcoming journeys in my life. What does this award mean to you? This award is the beginning of something greater. I am very much grateful for the trust I had from my colleagues, clients, friends, and family. My objective is to make it to the deal maker award and more. This award is a great privilege, and I take this opportunity to thank the Finance Monthly team who worked very hard to make this publication. This is a very personal and professional recognition that I value and appreciate. As I said, with every opportunity comes new challenges. 24 Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Saudi Arabia The drive to overcome a new challenge at every level of my career is truly what helped to nurture my skills and personality. “ “ The passion I have for my clients is what motivates me to working harder every day. “ “

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