Finance Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Germany 41 Lawyer Reble & Klose Dr. RalfDietmar Härer About Ralf-Dietmar Härer Began his career as a lawyer with the judicial service of the German Land of Baden-Württemberg. Joined the law firm in 1994. Mainly advises on trademark and patent law as well as on the law of associations. Conducts cases under industrial property law. Also acts as a representative of outside shareholders in legal challenges to the adequacy of compensation in a squeeze out. Business Mediator according to Munich Chamber of Commerce and the European Institute for Conflict Management (EUCON). Has many years experience of training lawyers and designers. Memberships: LES PTMG INTA GRUR (German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) Firm Profile In 1962, lawyers Dr. Wilhelm Heil and Dr. Gerhard Reble joined forces to practice law. The law firm experienced continuous growth during the following decades as additional partners and employees joined the firm. In 1997, the law firm merged with the patent law firm Klose & Schmitt, and in 2001 it merged with the patent law firm Fischer. Today, we specialise in providing consulting services in the field of commercial law and industrial property law. It was the firm’s focus on commercial law that lead it to merge with the patent law firm Klose & Schmitt on 1 January 1997, a move which also created the law firm Reble & Klose as it exists today. In 2001, we further expanded our specialist services in the field of trademarks and patents by acquiring the patent law firm of patent attorney and graduate engineer WolfDieter Fischer. TIME-TESTED AND UP TO DATE What used to be a traditional law firm, mainly concerned with pleading its clients’ cases in court, has evolved into a modern law firm offering a whole range of services. In our present setup, lawyers and patent attorneys routinely cooperate across disciplines to serve their clients. As a modern provider of legal services, we focus on conflict resolution and specialise in framing legal arrangements for, and giving comprehensive advice on, measures designed to prevent disputes. We also conduct and accompany arbitration and mediation processes that will help you resolve disputes in a constructive and swift manner. We advise companies that are seeking solutions to complex commercial issues. A personal legal adviser who is familiar with the company’s issues will be assigned to each client. Should the need arise, your personal adviser will be supported by specialist lawyers.

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