Finance Monthly - Legal Awards 2023

Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2023 UAE ABOUT MOHAMMED Dr Zaidan, is a qualified legal advisor, started work as a law clerk at the Supreme Court and Court of Cassation Until the year 2000 he was also a lecturer and researcher in letters of credit and banking guaranties at the Arab Countries Center for Research and Studies Both Dr Zaidan’s undergraduate and graduate degrees, respectively from the University of Jordan, Aberdeen University and the University of London enhanced his knowledge in the fields of international commercial law, the Lex Mercatory construction law, commercial arbitration and the law of contracts They further gave him the skills and capabilities to conduct academic methodological research, both on the quantitative and qualitative levels. Dr Zaidan was also appointed as Manager of the International Relations Department and Legal Advisor to the Jordan International Law Group During his private practice career, he worked extensively on insurance, particularly maritime claims, international finance and trade law as well as general commercial and contractual work Dr Zaidan is specialized in drafting and studying different kind of commercial and legal contracts, with long stand experience in the fields of financing and related agreements, construction agreement and those related to intellectual properties and franchising. He has advised several renowned companies in the Jordan and elsewhere during their negotiation with the International Financing Corporation ( to finance their expansion participating in drafting and preparing all the agreements related thereto. He is and did represent many manufacturing companies in the Middle East Region in matters related to their factories’ construction and/or expansion, one of which was for the construction of 140 000 Sqm home appliance factory, starting with the pre contractual stages, preparing the tender documents, drafting the contracting agreements and in some cases representing the owner in their litigation and/or arbitration proceeding against the contractor. Primecase is a law firm that commands the foresight to chart a course for relevant, practical and full approach to its clients’ legal requirements and situations Through the collaboration of our resources, human and material, relying on a computerized database, full realization of our clients’ objectives is achieved. We strive to be a premier business law firm, registered as a limited liability Incorporation in United Kingdom, with regional reputation and stature established by handling complex litigations, arbitrations and legal services Since we believe that our success depends on our clients’ success, we strive to add value for our clients by providing superior legal s ervices and responsive advice, and to earn our clients’ loyalty by serving their interests and helping them in achieving their goals. 61

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