Finance Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

T: +52 (33) 1204 0477 E: Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Mexico About Victor Vila Founding partner of the firm VILA®, he has over 20 years of professional experience previously collaborating with some of the most prestigious law firms in the country in planning, auditing and shaping strategies in the field. Victor has an extensive experience in the practice of General Business Law, Administrative, Corporate, Intellectual Property and Real State Law; being appointed as legal counsel of prestigious Mexican and foreign companies. HOBBIES Surf Kite board Stoicism philosophy Firm Profile VILA is a leading firm in Mexico, made up by experienced lawyers and entrepreneurs specialized in various areas, always keeping a clear vision of growth and evolution. VILA stands out for recognizing customer satisfaction as as one of its greatest and most valuable attributes. VILA professionals thoroughly analyze the essence of the subject and seek yo to foresee alternative paths to provide solutions that adapt to the client’s needs. With the objective of providing an efficient service, we have offices in Baja California Sur, Guadalajara and Mexico City, as well as a network of national and international firms that work for the benefit of our clients. VILA promotes professionalism with an ethical view. For this reason, we define ourselves as a socially responsible business, that is committed to the needs of its people and country and is constantly trying to add value within our given possibilities. For VILA it is very important that their employees share a workspace in an environment free of prejudices. We are an inclusive firm that celebrates the value of the person. It will always seek to maintain an intellectual and innovative symbiosis. Founding Partner Vila Victor Vila Business Law Lawyer of the Year Mexico 65

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